Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The New ME

August has been very lucky for me. A year ago, I was able to reconnect with my friend, whom I haven't seen nor heard where has she been since mid 2006. It was a great feeling to be reconnected with a friend of so many years. This year, another blessing came. One of my best friends in college, whom I lost in touch since 1997 found me in Facebook. We took time to talk, chat and catch up with each others lives. It has been so long.

My friend was so surprised of how my life had turned. She couldn't believe how domesticated I am now because I used to be really spoiled. I told her how I became a wife and a mother and how I learned to be a house maker. The moment she heard me told that she applauded me because she can't believe I will survive such role.

When she saw me in the cam, she was so shocked on how much weight I have gained all through the years. I have told her that gone were the days of size 0! I even joked that I will be wearing plus size clothes one of these days. My friend is not used to the new "me" physically but she knows that I am still who I am.

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