Thursday, August 11, 2011

Clark Howard

Hubby and I enjoys watching our favorite tv shows and movies together. During football season, our Saturdays are usually spent in front of the TV enjoying the games. I often sit closer to the TV screen because I can see better when I am close to the screen. I own a prescription eyeglasses that I don't wear all the time which irritates my hubby. He kept on telling me that I should wear it at all times but I am stubborn and I don't like wearing them.

Anyway, one of our favorite show is the Clark Howard show. We learned a lot from him. He talks about ways on how to save money. His advices are really good that is why we never get tired of watching him. For those that are not familiar with who Clark Howard is, he is a consumer advocate and a money expert who gives advices so that consumers will not be ripped off.

Clark Howard have a new book "Living Large in Lean Times". In this books he discusses about ways to improve your finances by saving more and spending less. He had mentioned that everyone can save in buying prescription eyeglasses online at Zenni Optical.

I agree that times are hard and it is necessary to spend our money wisely. We should be watchful on how to spend our hard earned dollars in buying everything that we need and that includes prescription eyeglasses.

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