Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Old Job

I have been a homemaker for almost 5 years now. Do I enjoy it? Yes and I am not complaining. I am lucky in some sense because I am able to watch my daughter grows up. Many mothers would love to watch their kids by themselves but due to their career they have to rely on day care centers to have their kids taken cared of while they are at work. I admit, I miss working. I miss the hustle and bustle at work. I miss interacting with your colleague. I actually miss beating deadlines. I wish one day to have a work and a career for myself again and that would be when my daughter will be in school.

I was chatting with an old colleague of 10 years ago. We used to work in an exclusive Sports Club. I was the administrator and I have some employees under me who does a lot of manual labor while she was in-charge of accounting. It was fun reminiscing the times we spend at the side court of the indoor tennis court that we had. We love hanging out with the exclusive members of the tennis club. The tennis court of the sports club that we work was one of the best so members of the club were all "big time" people. The tennis court was made of clay, it has enough ventilation and it has complete amenities. As an administrator of the sports club, I have to make sure that all amenities are working good, I have a spare on everything including halogen light bulbs for the lights around the sports club.

I didn't work too long at the Sports Club because it was not much of a challenge for me but I met a lot of good friends there and I had wonderful memories there.


Dhemz said...

ako pod mami...5 years napod ko 6 years na diay...hhehehe! joke...agi ko!

Dhemz said...

sosyalan man diay ka ug trabaho sauna mami...karon d naka adminstrator...ikaw na ang PR...hehhehe...joke!

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