Monday, June 6, 2011

Investing in Education

I’ve been checking on different universities lately for the reason that as early as I now, I want to find a very good school for my daughter. It may be too early to do so but I just want to know if I can really afford to send her to college soon, and if I do, that would make me save for her education. I’ve come across a lot of universities online like and so many others. If my daughter does well in school when she’s bigger, I’d like to get her a scholarship so that we can save a lot. In my research too, I found out that most of the universities offer scholarships. This is actually good news since times are hard now and I just believe that having a good education will salvage us from a poor estate in life.

Education for me is an investment and the only thing that I can forever impart to my daughter, the only thing that no one can snatch. So I will invest in my daughter’s future like enrolling her in Walden University or in one of the most prestigious universities here. For I know that the returns of my investment is for her own good.

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