Friday, May 27, 2011


I have always wondered about house removal costs here in the US. I really have no idea because I moved here from another country so there wasn’t much that I brought with me. But since I’ve been here, I’m hoping that we can invest in other properties, with enough savings.

Any girl dreams of a big house with crystal chandeliers, and long winding staircases with banisters. Maybe later on in our life we can actually save up and move into our dream house, right? Since I have no idea how much the moving costs would be, I guess it would be better to plan ahead and decide whether we leave all our things and include them in the sale of our current house, or bring them all with us if the moving costs aren’t that expensive.

I guess we’ll know when the time comes but I’m also thankful that I found a site that gives free quotes. I could use that in the future if we need to make a decision on which things to bring with us. I can also decide base on the quotes if we ever want to move to another country or what.

Are you planning to move? You should look for a the house removals company that can assure that your possessions will reach into its destination safely.

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Dhemz said...

wako ka sapon ani da...sayang na sayang lang...ehehehe!

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