Monday, May 9, 2011

I Love Free Stuff

Receiving freebies and Free Product Samples is so exciting especially when they are sent through the mails. You’ll never know what’s inside till you open the envelope. Free Stuff is also given away in the internet. I have personally received a few cosmetics and some household stuff for free which I totally liked. Sometimes, just by taking a quick survey, I am offered freebies. Free Samples at the mall or at the grocery are packed with people. Just the other day, a free tasting and sampling of a liquor brand was done. My hubby was so eager to taste a cup of it. But some companies who offer free sampling and tasting oftentimes comes with a catch. A classic example is inviting individuals or families to avail of a a three days-two nights stay at a luxury resort for free, but before you can avail of such, you have to attend a seminar of some sort and then buy a certain product. Strategic it may sound but somehow, it is effective. I’ve known a friend who recently purchased a deal in exchange for a discounted stay in a 5-star resort and I think it’s worth it. But as for me now, I am happy to receive freebies.

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