Saturday, May 21, 2011

Help Stop Children's Cancer

My heart always reach out to families who have to face the pain of cancer. More so to parents and family of children with cancer. There is nothing more painful than to see your child suffering from a disease where cure is not yet discovered. I am a Mom thus I know how it is when your child is sick. I know how painful and how frustrating it is.

Do you know that you can do something to help end child cancer. Let's all support the effort of Miracle Players Foundation in helping End Child Cancer. Miracle Players Foundation is a non-profit organization who does a variety of fundraisers and performances to help raise money for a good cause. To support their cause, you can visit their facebook page at and click like button. By liking their page you can help raise money because for every new person that Like’s their Facebook page, TechInsurance will donate $1.00 toward helping to end childhood cancer.

Please, let us help stop Children's Cancer.

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