Thursday, May 12, 2011

Auto and Car Warranties

When buying a brand new car, it is important to check on its warranty. Auto Warranty is a service contract that promises to perform or pay for certain services and repairs such as mechanical failures and breakdowns. Car Warranty usually extends from a minimal of 1 year, more common 3 years and extended 5 years. Some car companies even extend their warranties up to 12 years, thus the term extended warranty. Extended Warranty, sometimes called a service contract or a service agreement or a maintenance agreement. It may be offered by the manufacturer or the retailer. Extended warranties mean extra cost and a percentage of the car’s retail price.

For the best protection and service, Fidelity Automotive Solutions will help you to protect from high cost of auto repairs. They are committed to providing the best coverage and value. They will custom tailor a plan depending on your needs and most of their policies and plans include a 24 hour roadside assistance so you are sure that you will never be stranded in case of breakdown. Interested individuals can get a free quote instantly on their website. A wide array of plans is also available online depending on your budget and needs. For more details and information, you may visit their website.

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