Monday, April 25, 2011

Would Love to Have an Arbor

If I have a big garden, I would love to have arbors in it. In the gardening sense, an arbor is a shaded sitting area. It can be both organic with clinging and climbing plants, it can also feature an outdoor bench where garden visitors can be seated. Most of these garden arbors add up style and structure, it has so many uses too. It can be use to create an entrance way to a garden or patio, you can hang fruit bearing plants like grapes on arbors, you can show off your flowers using wooden arbors. Arbors can be an excellent centerpiece for special events like garden weddings too. It can also be use to divide a garden or you can place it on the entrance of your front yard with benches attached to it and watch life as it passes you by.

There are so many uses for arbors and really, if I do have a big garden I would love to have one. I love the idea of putting an arbor too at the entrance of my front yard. I would love to spend time with my little girl and my hubby watching the people, our neighbors and cars pass by us. Or probably place it at the backyard and spend evenings with my loved ones watching the stars and the night time sky. Lovely.

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