Sunday, April 3, 2011

We had a blast!

We really had a blast during my recent birthday celebration. We had so much fun and I was really glad to see my friends who came over and rejoiced with me on my big day! We had lots of food and of course, I cooked some Filipino dishes, which fortunately went gone with the wind and was hungrily devoured by my Filipino friends. We partied all night long in the house and we really had a great and wonderful time.

I did prepare for my big day, I even bought a new tarp which my hubby and I installed in one of the small tent we have. When we went shopping for my party the other day, I had a hard time choosing among the so many canvas tarps that were on sale but I particularly chose the white white canvas tarp because it really looks decent when placed outside in our little porch. And I was happy with my decision, it did look good. The kids had so much fun playing inside the tent. It was a really fun day. One of the most memorable birthdays I ever had. Thanks to all those who came and greeted me and wished me well. You are all truly appreciated!

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