Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Teen Drug Abuse

Drug addiction is very rampant nowadays. Wherever you are in this planet, many are addicted to illegal substances. Sadly, most of these users are the young people, the teenagers. Basically, almost all substance abused by adults are also used by teens. For parents like us, it is indeed heart breaking to know that our children are exposed to these kinds of substance abuse, not only exposed, but are actually taking it. The influence of peers, the pressure to be “in” the crowd and sometimes just to get that supernatural high, they experiment on taking these illegal substances.

Teen drug abuse must be addressed, first by the parents. It is important that parents should also be role models to their children. Parents must be aware of the signs and symptoms of drug abuse, when they see their child showing unusual behavior, they must take steps immediately to keep their child/children from drowning into this sick reality of drug addiction. Parents, school and government officials should waste no time in preventing, if not, eliminating teen drug addiction. The process may be long and tedious and may entail a lot of sacrifices, but it’s all going to be worth it. In fact, many young lives will be saved.

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