Sunday, April 17, 2011

Graeters Ice Cream - The Best!

Last Friday, our door bell rang. I opened it and saw a box waiting for me. I excitedly opened it, although I know what was inside it. I was still excited to see it in my own eyes. It was the Graeter's Ice Cream 6-pint variety pack. It arrived in my place shipped from Ohio and it was still frozen! The variety pack consists of Butter Pecan, Strawberry, Vanilla, Mocha, Mint and Black Raspberry.

I have read that Graeter's Ice Cream is Oprah's favorite. I became more curious about the ice cream and could not wait to try it. I KID YOU NOT, indeed this is the BEST! The taste just melts in your mouth. It is very creamy and the chocolate chips are huge!

We all have our choices of favorite ice cream flavor. Hubby and I shared butter pecan and we ate it all! I shared the strawberry flavor to Mom Lori to ask her opinion about this brand. The Mint flavor is for my daughter. It is her favorite. The rest is still untouched and I can't wait to dig in to it.

(My daughter savoring the Mint flavor ice cream)

(She is so happy I told her, she can have it all but not eat it all at once)

I have to tell you that, Graeter's Ice Cream uses French Pot process in making their ice cream. French pot process makes only 2-gallons at a time with all-natural ingredients such as heavy cream and pure cane sugar. Their Ice cream is available in 2500 grocery stores in 23 states and if you live in a state where it is not available yet, you can always order it online at!

We all have the same verdict. Graeter's Ice Cream is the BEST! You should try it!

Anyway, do you want something sweet to give to your Mom this mother's day? Why not buy her a Graeter's Ice Cream?

Graeter's Ice Cream sent me the 6-pack variety sample for free to try them and review. All the opinions stated in this post is solely my own.


Dhemz said...

waaaaaaaaaaaaa...dalia ra ni abot mami woi...agoy, laway lang man ta...ako nang usa ka pint diha...ehehehe!

Jerla Oh lalala said...

na lami gyud tingali kay pirting ngisi ni gwapa hehehhehe

Rcel said...

I want some! :D Look at Andrea; gamatoy pa ang cutipie ani ay! Haha.

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