Sunday, April 3, 2011

Convenient and Easy Way to Troubleshoot

Mischa (Dave's daughter) loves to tinker the computer hardware and software. She loves to troubleshoot and fix anything that’s related to computers. Every time we encounter problems with our computer, she is our rescuer. But we have one problem when it comes to troubleshooting our PC, she lives far from us and we have to transport our PC or laptop to her place and at times, she is very busy fixing other people’s computer or sometimes she’s out repairing stuff. In that case we have to wait for a few days before ours get fixed.

This made me suggest to her to get a remote access software so that she won’t have to travel to other places just to troubleshoot. I saw one online from They’re offering a software that is proven for its functionality and uses state-of-the-art 256 bit encryption – the highest in its class, which ensures that all communications remain private and secure. Since Mischa has access to the internet, it will be easier for her to access files, collaborate with her other friends and much more, it saves her time too. The software is very convenient and reliable, so I guess there is really a need for her to upgrade her services and all I have to do is to tell her about the website.

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