Monday, February 21, 2011

Need Ink?

How old were your children when they started school? I have been teaching Andrea little by little hoping to get her ready for school. At 3 years she is learning fast and I am proud of her. I hope her development will continue at its phase. We were already thinking where to send Andrea for school, of course we wanted to send her to the best school that we can afford. Right now, I am content of her learning and how she has progressed day by day. I prepare some home-made worksheets for her and she seems to enjoy it.

Preparing worksheets is fun but a little bit messy and a little costly. Good thing I won’t run out of printer ink. That’s one thing I made sure of when I started downloading free tracing and color pages. I made sure my inkjet cartridges are refilled. I am ready too when I need to refill. I found a store online where I can get cheap ink for replacement. It will really help me a lot because I know I have lots and lots of printing to do.

If you need some ink for your printer, Inkgrabber surely has something for you whatever printer model you are using. Check it out, printer ink is on sale today!

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