Monday, February 21, 2011

Merchant Account

I love window shopping online. I love to see products from my home country being displayed on a lot of websites. Sometimes I get curious too with what they can do with newly discovered raw materials. I’ve even seen lanterns made of sipping straws and bottle caps and aluminum cans from sodas. These indigenous products are really catching attention of buyers. I admit, it is pretty unique.

Sometimes I’m tempted to buy from them online but they don’t have much option for payment. How I wish they would use an eCommerce merchant account or an ACH merchant account. If they did, it would be easy to use credit and debit cards, or convert paper checks to bank transfers. I know it’s not very common over there to accept payments via bank transfers but since everything is going online, especially banking, they might as well start to embed them in their business. Then it will be perfect for me to patronize their products too. I just need to worry how much shipping would cost. I heard it’s pretty expensive.

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