Friday, February 18, 2011


If you had the extra money, what would you do with it? Some people say the safest thing to do is put it in a bank and let it earn interest. You can withdraw the interest every month and spend it, and just keep letting it at that until you’d need the money. But interest rates nowadays are so low that some other people think it’s better to invest your money rather than let it sit in a bank.

If I were to invest, I’m thinking of investing in gold. If I had tons of money, gold bars would be nice, but if not, even small trinkets of gold that I can use later on or give to my daughter when she grows up. I wonder how much the price of gold is nowadays. I know they measure gold price by ounce so it would be interesting how much a small necklace may cost. Since a lot of people say the value doesn’t really change much and is much more stable than any currency, I should look into gold prices and see how much I need to save up for an initial investment.

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