Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ginsu Knives

I always wanted very sharp knives because having sharp knives will make it easier for me to chop some veggies and meat when I cook. As I love to cook, it is a must have for me.

I do have some knives but it needs sharpening and it gives me frustration when I need to slice some tomatoes. So, I decided to buy a well known brand. I bought Ginsu Knives.

I bought the set above, 11 Piece Stainless Bamboo Knife and Block Set at CSN Stores (free shipping) last week. I was very impressed at my purchase because it was delivered so quick. It just took two days and to my surprise UPS guy knocked at my door for delivery. Wow two days after I shopped and I got the product right away.

I spent $42.71 for the above mentioned product. It's original price is $83.99. When I opened the package and saw them I know I was lucky to get this set for the price I paid.

I am a very satisfied customer of CSN. So, if you want good buys, visit CSN stores. They have everything that you need!

1 comment:

Dhemz said...

agoy! kahait ani...nawong palang hait na...ehehehe!

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