Friday, February 25, 2011

Catalog Home Business

I'm sure at one point in your life you've heard of catalog-based home business. A neighbor, a friend, a relative, or even an office mate may have offered you some products found in a catalog at one time or another.

Nowadays, catalog-based home business is becoming popular, especially to those who stay at home. Selling the products without much investment, and from the comfort of your home is a great way to balance both family life and a career. SMC is one company that offers this opportunity. Once you are a member of SMC Corp, you are provided with a catalog that you can actually sell as your own. Their name will not be shown thus making it available for you to call it your own business.

But with any business comes complaints. General information about Specialty Merchandise Corporation complaints are actually available online to make every potential member aware of how these things are handled by SMC. Personally, I think it is important to be transparent to customers and members so knowing how these complaints are handled and justified is great.

This makes me think if I should get into a catalog-based home business myself. I love being a stay at home mom but it wouldn't hurt to earn a few extra on the side, right?

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