Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Adorable Kitchen Sinks

Besides the bathroom, my other favorite place in the house is the kitchen. I always adore a big, spacious and beautiful kitchen. I think it is just normal because I love to cook. Having a stainless steel kitchen sink is a must for me. When you are a cook, you know how important it is to have a sink that is very functional and easy to clean.

One of my wish is to have a house with a big kitchen. As much as possible, I want the kitchen to be personalized and design by myself. I will prefer a kitchen with a center island where there will be extra cabinets for storage. I want a kitchen with at least two stainless steel kitchen sinks.

What about you, what is your dream kitchen?


kat said...

if maka kwarta ko pohon, ako ilisan ako kitchen sink ug stainless kay limpyo tan-awon...pati couter tops, stainless ako ibutang hehe.

agi ko..

Dhemz said...

ka busy ba lamang dire...:)

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