Friday, January 21, 2011

Corner TV Stands

We bought a TV for my daughter so that she can watch her favorite DVDs on her room while we can watch our favorite sports show in our living room. Having her own television will mean that we can also watch our own shows without being interrupted. It has been few months since we bought the tv yet it is still sitting in one of our side tables.

I have decided to buy a tv stand that will be perfect for her room. I have actually been looking at corner TV stands since it’ll fit better with the limited space on her bedroom. I think that this 52" Corner TV Stand in Solid Wood which you can see in the picture below will be perfect. I found this perfect pieces at CSN. CSN Stores sells everything from housewares to classic corner TV stands. The TV stand below is only $199 as it is on sale right now and they offer free shipping too. The original price of this item is $529.

The above item is really perfect. If you are looking for an affordable tv stands check out CSN Stores.


kat said...

wow! dakua sa imo na save Lu oi!

TY sa visit hehe

☆♥Shydub♥☆ said...

Maayo pa ni si kusina da asenso na, makamake over na ni siya

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*josie* said...
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*josie* said...

hi mami Lu, following back here, pakain nmn jan. :)

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Dhemz said...

mau pani si delight kay pinangga pa sa CSN.

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