Thursday, November 11, 2010

Slow Metabolism

I always have a slow metabolism that is why I easily gain weight. When I was younger I use to starve myself until my body is used to very minimal amount of food intake. It was my determination that helped me maintain a slim body figure. That was when I was still in the Philippines where there were less food temptation and food are healthier. When I moved here in the USA, I satisfy my food cravings. I awarded myself with all the foods that I can't afford to have while I was in the Philippines. Coupled with unhealthy lifestyle, needless to say my weight ballooned up!

Now, I am face with the reality that I am fat! I can only wish to be back with my older body figure thus I am trying my best to learn about chromium picolinate and weight loss. Of course, we all know that weigh loss is a very popular topic among women. The big question is, when will I have the determination to finally get rid of my excess weight? I don't know...

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