Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Laptop Insurance

I am facing a dilemma right now. I can't decide if I want to buy my dream net tablet or to buy a desktop instead. We have two laptops at home. One for myself and one for my hubby. Both our laptops have laptop insurance because we wanted to protect our investment. We just don't want to throw away these gadgets when it is damaged as repairs can be costly. With the laptop insurance we won't have to stress ourselves when our laptops will be stolen. Back to my dilemma, I still can't decide. Desktop will be good since I use the computer for a long time everyday yet my dream net tablet will be perfect for my upcoming trip to Philippines. Oh gee! what should I do? I surely can't afford to buy both!


SassyChick said...

Palit nlng both kay kinahanglan man nimo pareho...ihatag nlng daun nko ng imong daang laptop...hehe

Anonymous said...

Hapit na ang end sa imong pa contest ms lu. maau unta swertehon sad ko oi

bea said...

dirr, buy nalang ug new nya hatag nako ang daan bring it home for me plzzzzzzzz.

bea said...

buy nalang new dir, then bring the old one for me plzzzzzzz.

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