Thursday, July 1, 2010

New TV for Andrea

Andrea loves to watch her Dora movies and believe it or not she learned so many things from it. Lately she learned to like the "mermaid". So every now and then she will request that she wants to watch the mermaid.

We planned on buying a tv for Andrea so that she can watch her own movies or her own tv shows. Having only 1 tv means we have to give way to Andrea's shows when she wants it although it is not at all times.

If we buy a TV it also means we have to buy a new TV stand for her too. Buying tv stands is not really a big question as it is cheaper than the TV.

Hopefully, we can decide to buy a TV for her soon. I am sure she would love a new TV in her own room.


Anne said...

nagbaha jud si payu da.... pamahin hehe..

Dhemz said...

agoy santa maria...nag apaw apaw man jud ang mga opps dire sure ga luya ang chef...ahahhaa!

am on lunch break...lili sako!

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