Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Perfect "Pasalubong"

If you are not a Filipino, most probably you are not familiar with the word "pasalubong". "Pasalubong" is a Tagalog word which if translated in the American English language would be "keepsake" or "presents". It is a souvenir brought for loved ones or friend.

Anyway, in few months, my sister is coming home to Philippines (for her Philippine Wedding) and I want to send something special for my Mom. I think that the movado watch, which you can see in the picture below is the perfect present for my mom. It is a Movado 0605410 Ladies Watch Juro Two Tone Stainless Steel Silver Dial. I think she will like this because of its bigger numbers. My mom is kinda old so, I know she would prefer a watch with a bigger number because it will be easier for her to see.

Oh, I wish I can come home too and attend my sister's wedding. Mom was really hoping there is a way that I can come home so that it will be some sort of reunion for us too. If I can come home we will be a complete family then, which seldom happens. But I know that due to financial constraints I can't, so I will just send her a "pasalubong".

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