Thursday, June 17, 2010

Is Chicken Skin Bad For You?

Chicken skin adds calories and fat to an otherwise lean meat, but it also provides extra flavor, holds in moisture and makes a perfect pocket for dry seasonings rubbed under the skin.

When I baked chicken, I usually rub some butter under its skin to make the meat very moist and tender. When grilled properly, the skin of the chicken becomes crisp as fat drips away.

If you are concerned about fat or calories, remove the skin; otherwise live a little and indulge in its crackly, savory flavor. I do and it's yummy!


kat said...

pag fried chicken amo ulam, ako taga kaon sa skin kay dili man mukaon ning duha ka barako nako ug skin sa chicken waaa. jolibee noon kay mukaon sila kay crispy man kaayo hahaha

inday_adin said...

Lami mo lang! Perti jud kaha kalami mommy, pero hinay2x nako ron dili na kaayo ko mo kaon sa skin... sa gamay pa ko perti kakusog nako mo kaon... pero ug fried agoy kalami.. hehehe... kung magbake ko ug chicken mommy I put a whole or half lemon depende ug maigo sa cavity sa chicken... I poke the lemon so it will release all the juices and put it in the cavity and it will give taste and aroma to the chicken. YumO! All this food talking makes me hungry. LOL!

♡u8mypinkc00kies♡ said...

I don't eat chicken skin talaga ever since.. I dunno why but never ko na-enjoy. I just eat the laman & throw the skin away or sometimes when I'm eating with someone, they'd always get the crispy skin.

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