Thursday, June 24, 2010

Eyeglasses at Zenni Optical

Many people learned to shop for eyeglasses online. At Zenni Optical, you can buy prescription eyeglasses for a fraction of the cost that your optician is charging you. It may sound impossible but it is true. Zenni Optical is the number 1 online eyeglasses store that sells quality and affordable eyeglasses. The high quality eyeglasses that they are selling are priced in such a way that their customers' budget will not be affected.

When buying eyeglasses at Zenni Optical, they will need your PD or Pupillary Distance. The Pupillary Distance is the distance between the pupils of the eyes, center to center, in Millimeters. They will need this measurement to ensure proper eyeglass fitment. Most opticians are not giving their patients their PD. The reason why they don't want you to have it is because they don't want you to purchase eyeglasses online. According to the, online eyeglasses store is killing their business. But if opticians are selling an expensive eyeglasses isn't it our choice to look for a cheaper ones? I don't agree with the trend of opticians not giving our PD. Where we buy our eyeglasses is our choice and our risk. If your optician is not giving your PD for fear of losing a sale, then time to find another one.

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