Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Grilled Onion and Mushroom

We used our gas grill for the first time last Sunday and we grilled steak, onion and mushroom. We are having fun with our gas grill. Every dinner we grilled something.

This is our first food out from the grill...

1pc big sweet onion
2 pcs portabella mushroom
melted butter


  1. Sliced onion in thick rings
  2. Wash mushroom and dry in paper towel
  3. Brush with butter and season with pepper
  4. Put in the grill and baste with butter
  5. Grill until your preferred "doneness"
  6. Serve as side dish


teJan said...

ang naka lain ani nko kay maibog ko mga pgkaon dinhi, nya mgpangita nako...haaay! musta na!

Dhemz said...

way bulad diha? hehehhee!

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