Sunday, March 21, 2010

Traveling in Style

I can't wait for summer because we have planned trips. I always enjoy getting away and going to places. This time around we will be exploring other states so we will be away for a couple of days. Since we will be gone for a couple of days, we will surely have to bring a big luggage because we will have to bring enough clothes for the three of us. Traveling with a child also requires a lot of luggage space because you have to bring more sets of clothes, extra toys or books and some other necessities.

I am glad that we have a couple of luggage to choose from for our upcoming trip. We have a Hartmann Luggage which we used when we came home to Philippines two years ago. It is very sturdy and it will be convenient to use it. We also have a small Tumi Luggage.  I really want to own this Tumi Vapor Extended Trip Packing Case like the picture below. I think this is very stylish and elegant. It has a molded protective bumpers which will surely protect whatever is inside it. I think I will have to save to buy one of this so that the next time we will travel internationally, I can use it.

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