Sunday, February 7, 2010

Fried Dumplings

Dumplings is one of Dave's favorites. When we ate at the Chinese restaurant, he wanted to try their fried dumplings.... well... to make the long story short, he didn't like it and I end up eating them!

I didn't complain since I like it... The sauce is just like the sauce of "siomai". The taste of the dumplings has an asian touch in it so it was really good for me....

At our favorite Chinese restaurant this is just $3.95... not bad!


Anne said...

Love this one too! Specially if it's crispy!

Mama Ko said...

I like dumplings too.

k said... ko yan...nya ang sawsawan may kunting yummilicious. hehe

Dhemz said...

greg's fave too....not bad for the price....:)

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