Sunday, January 17, 2010

Football Season and Its End

We watched a lot of football games. College football games are one of our favorites. Thanks to Direct TV who provides us with a very good viewing experience whenever there is a game. College football has already ended and we are happy for all the fans of Crimson Tide for winning the coveted 2010 BCS National Championship. We are not very big fans of Crimson Tide despite the fact that we live in Alabama. We are LSU Tigers fans but just the same we want to congratulate the Crimson tide for winning.

As much as we watched college football, we still watched PRO Football. In fact, today we spend most of our time watching the Playoff games. Tomorrow is another playoff games and we will for sure not going to miss it. I am just glad that my local channel is very clear and it is free from my cable provider DirectTV. All local channels are free and it is very clear.

When we first decided to get a cable, there were a few that we ask for a quote. We compared services and their price per package and we ended up getting Sattelite Directv. We were glad we did because they had Sunday Football Ticket package that we really enjoyed. Now that football season is almost at its end, we will surely look forward to the Superbowl Game. I keep on hoping that The Saints will make it to the Superbowl.

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shydub said...

I just watch TFC at Directtv sa ila rose. haay nice jd direct tv

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