Thursday, January 21, 2010

Filtered Water

I can't drink water from the sink. I know that the water running in my faucet is safe to drink but I just can't. I can't stand the taste of chlorine (or fluorine?) in it. Even when I was in the Philippines, I always drink bottled water or we commonly called it mineral water.

I think that as long as the water is filtered, I can drink it. I am just funny about the taste of chlorine. Speaking of which, I have to remind my hubby to buy a new Refrigerator water filter. I am sure that it is almost time to change filter. I am glad that our water filter has warning light which lights up if it needs changing.


k said...

nyahahaah pareha ta LU...ako tiyan or mouth dili mo accept anang water from the tap hahaha..lain lasa..ambot oi

Mama Ko said...

Ahh mura mn nag remind ug pag inum ug tubig, dali ra mn. daghan na jd ni sila datungerz da, adopa ko bi.

Lulu said...

makatawa ko kay wrong entry man ni... supposed to be adto ni sa snippets waaaa

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