Thursday, January 14, 2010

Apartment Living

I am content of the place we live right now. It is an apartment but it fits our budget. I am still hoping that in the near future, when things are financially better for us, we can have our own home.

We consider ourselves lucky when we found this apartment because it has all that we wanted. I always wanted a spacious kitchen, and I got it. I started to enjoy cooking and I fell in love with baking so a bigger kitchen for me was perfect. Our kitchen was furnished with refrigerator, stove and a dish washer. It has enough cabinets for all my kitchen utensils and I was happy with it. Our four-seat dining table was even perfect for our kitchen. I also love the fact that it has a washer/dryer connection because it means I don't need to go to the laundry mat anymore and I can do my laundry anytime I want. Right now, our two bedroom apartment is perfect for us. Although as Andrea grows, I think we need a bigger space since her toys alone can occupy one room already.

The most important thing that I am thankful about our apartment is it is near to Dave's work and it is closer to some stores where we can do our grocery. I also like the fact that our place is closer to my in-laws which means if we want to hang out with them anytime, it is easy to visit them.

If the time comes that we need to move, I am sure to check out because they have properties all over United States that are available for rent. With a vast number of apartments for rent that they can offer, I am sure that I can find something that will fit my budget and my lifestyle.

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