Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I Need Wall Clock for My Kitchen

The kitchen is one of my favorite place in the house because I love to cook. I love discovering and trying new dishes. If my family in the Philippines will hear me say " I love to cook" they will all be shocked. All my family in the Philippines never thought that I can learn to cook. I admit, I grow up as not very domesticated. I am not the type that would cook, clean or wash clothes. I grow up working and earning our living so the domesticated jobs are delegated to some other members of the family. And yes, I admit it... I am a bit spoiled. When I moved here in the USA I learned to be independent and it is different when you are married especially if you have a baby. I learned all the things a good wife and a good mother should do. I learn to cook... and do some household chores (although I still need to improve).

Anyway, since I love my kitchen, I think I need to hang a wall clock in my kitchen because I tend to forget time. When I need to know the time, I have to go to the living room to look at it. I am sure that a wall clock in my kitchen will be very useful.

Talking about clocks, I saw different designs of mantle clocks at! When I browsed at it, I was so amazed at how beautiful they are. I wish to own one someday. When that time comes, I want to own a Hermie Mantle Clock like the picture below.

If you prefer a grandfather clocks over mantle clocks, you can now purchase discount grandfather clocks at!


Anne said...

ka sosyal sa wall clock..nagkadatu na jud... naa na cam abot naba? pakit-a ko ha...

Cecile said...

nindot man imong grandfather's clock, akong bana mao na iyang wish, to have one; ambot nus a man ko palit ana, basi pag datu na ta hehehe.

sige kay bibo man kung mag shopping daghan, kuyog ta ka ug si Dhemz and Shy :-)!

set ta ug date, ha *wink*

Clarissa said...

At least super Mom ka na ngayon--I'm sure your family is so proud of you of your changes!^_^Your kusina is one of my fave blogs!

Love those mantle clocks!

Nanaybelen said...

ang ganda ang clock mo LUlu...medyo antique style

klivengood said...

oh ka nice gud sa clock..antique ang dating...hehe

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