Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Winter Wardrobe

I love winter! I am one of the few Filipinos who embraces the cold weather with open heart. I just the cool days where its so good to just do nothing but snuggle in the couch or in the bed. Since it is already winter it is time for me to set aside all my summer clothes and give way to my winter wardrobe.

Alabama is not really a very cold state so I still can wear some lighter clothes. One of my favorite get up during winter is my Nike Classic Fleece Pullover Hoodie. This is perfect for the cool breeze and if it gets colder than I can manage, I can always use the hoodie to keep me warm. For a more sporty look I always pair it with jeans and my Nike Air Max running shoes.

I wish that Alabama will get more snow this year. I couldn't wait for me and Andrea to play in the snow. We could wear our outdoor jackets and I am sure it will keep us warm.

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hmsgofita said...

well, you should come up here to Utah and get all the snow you could hope for...driving in it with not so smart drivers...accidents, road closures, delays, being scared out of your mind while traveling! So if I never had to drive in it or anyone I cared about I would love it! It's soft and pretty and snowballs are super fun and making snowpeople!

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