Monday, November 9, 2009

Fridge Locker

One of the most common problems when storing your favorite food at your work's refrigerator is you can't control if somebody will get your food. Of course, you can't just stay inside the pantry and guard your food. There is a risk that your food will be consumed by your officemate without your knowledge. If you are experiencing this annoying problem, you need to check out This is your solution to keep your food safe from "Fridge-A-Raiders". FridgeLocker will provide you with "Snack-urity System" that will help safeguard your favorite food. I think this is really a great innovation because I know how annoying it is when you are ready to eat and only to find out that your food is gone. So, protect your food, beverage, energy drinks and everything else with FridgeLocker.


analou said...

It happened to few of my officemates wherein they left their food on the refrigerator at work and when they came back half of it were gone. That's why I don't put any food on the ref kahit na drinks dahil may magnanakaw talaga.

Dee said...

Thank God for your post! I usually bring baon to work and when I come back at lunch time, either its stolen na or some of it are gone. Kaya I end up eating out and as for my snacks, I just place them on my cramped desk. I hope they dont steal the whole fridge locker this time around hehe!

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