Sunday, November 22, 2009

Filipino Parties and Grilling

Filipinos are known for its loud and very festive parties. I am really glad that I found many Filipinos here in Alabama. I am even luckier that most of these Filipinos came from the Central and Southern part of the Philippines thus we share the same dialect. When we have our get together or parties, we always have a lot of Filipino foods. We share a lot of stories and laughter. Most often than not, we always gather around the Viking Grill, talking while grilling. Our American husbands have already figure it out that when the girls have fun, they need to just get out of the way because according to my husband when we are together it seems like everybody talks at everybody and even talk at once. He said that we all sound like birds chirping. It is really different when you are with your people... Let's admit it, it is always fun to just hang out with somebody whom you share the same language, the same type of food that you like to eat and the same stories to share. With Filipino friends it eases our homesickness.

The BYOP "Bring Your Own Provision" is a very common style when we have a party. It works really well for us. Despite the many foods that each of us brings, we still make sure that we have grilled foods. It is very convenient for us to cook grilled chicken or grilled pork because some of my friends own a Viking Gas Grill. There, never was a party that nobody volunteers for their Viking Grill to be used. That is what is great with Filipinos (although not all Filipinos), you always offer what you have.

The first time I saw Viking Grill, I fell in love with it. Its design is really beautiful and the stainless steel grills are easy to clean because its grill grates are coated with cast iron porcelain. Viking grills are really perfect for both indoor and outdoor parties. When we will have our own home, a Freestanding Viking Grill will be a "must have" for me.


klivengood said...

Lu, naka dakop ko karon ug isa kay na green man tanan nga murag muta kadako nga button hahaha..ako gi-click ang take this opp man guro to den migawas ang instruction etc...hahaha. nag blog hop sa ko then sulat na ko taod-taod kay 12 hours pa bitaw. kadto ning you gotta see this video hehehe..nya naay nag duha ka green kay ultra60mbps, pero ako na gi-click..wait for the slot man guro to..haha praktis sa ko ani nga dili ma reject hahaha.

pag ang tunga red ang color Lu, dili na sya pwede i-reserve?

hopeful said...

Datu na jud ni tagblay ani, daghan ug Grasya! hehehe!

Dhemz said...

sos kasapina na kaau woi..ang mission ani ma possible na jud puhon....:)

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