Thursday, November 5, 2009

Broiled Flounder

I never had flounder so Dave insisted that I should buy it. From the looks of it (and the price), I will not buy it. Flounder is a bit pricey but Dave insisted that I should try so we bought 1 Flounder fish.

Dave told me that he used to eat flounder and it is really good. He couldn't wait for me to try it. I wanted to grill it but since I have lazy bones in me (lol), I don't want to do the charcoal grilling for one piece of fish. I then decided to just broil it in the oven.

1 Flounder
powdered garlic
garlic salt

  • Preheat oven to broil
  • Put two slits on the body of the fish on both sides. Season the whole fish with garlic salt, garlic powder and pepper. Place in a cookie sheet.
  • Broil for 10 minutes. Turn over and broil some more.
  • Serve with dip ( a mixture of soysauce, vinegar, tomato, onion, pepper)

Note: Time of broiling varies so just keep on checking your oven.


Debbie Racho said...

delicious!!! gigutom ko!!!!

Debbie Racho said...

i can't help it but look at it one more makes me hungry even more..bwahaha! i have to try this one. mopalit kog founder nig sabado..wahhhh

teJan said...

kanang salad lay ako :)

shydub said...

Lahi ra jd ang result from broiling ug grilling mommy lulu, but still looks delish.

Dhemz said...

agoy ginoo...kalami man ani mami woi..sos naa pa dayon saw-sawan.....sos kalami....:)

pila ka plato nga rice imong nahurot ani? ako guro 2 ka unsay bisaya ana nga isda? lol!

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