Thursday, October 22, 2009


I adore tshirts with different designs and different words. I love wearing tshirts with funny drawings or funny words too. Whenever I people watch especially when we are in the mall, tshirts always catches my attention. It is true that there are people who likes to wear offensive t shirts but for me, it is more funny than it is offensive. Wearing this type of tshirts will surely give a laugh to somebody.

I was looking for funny tshirts when I found Bad Idea Tshirts. They have over a thousand designs of their funny tshirts. They offer 50% discount and your order will be processed in 2-3 days. Check them out... I have already ordered mine. Take a look at the design ... isn't that funny?


Us said...

Same here mommy lulu but mamili ko ug funny shirt nga comportable suoton ky ang mobasa nya ug dili kauyon kita ta ug away waaaa.

klivengood said...

oi type nako na nga Tshirt dah..nice kaayo ug nice pod ang print...hehe

kahinumdum ko sa Cebu nga naay store didto nga mga green funny pictures ang mga print..hehe naa poy makalagot kay nanghiwi sa iya dila unya siga mata.. ang mutan-aw sa T-shirt kay maglagot...hahaah

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