Friday, September 11, 2009

Twilight Football


For football fanatics like me, Twilight Football is another event to look forward to. The big event will kick off on September 22, 2009. This will be a very exciting event as there will be seven (7) matches that will be played during twilight in seven (7) stunning world locations.

The Twilight Football matches are taking place in some of the world’s most breathtaking locations – waterfalls, castles, deserts and glaciers. The locations will provide a challenging terrain for players and a stunning backdrop for low light digital camera photography. Game 1 will take place in Venice, Italy. The beauty of Venice as twilight cast a dramatic color across the city's historic rooftops make this place a perfect location for Game 1. Game 2 will be in Chamonix, France where it is known for its glacial beauty. This is one of the most spectacular place as players will battle the elements of thinning light among the mountains and glaciers. Game 3 will be in Antequera, Spain. In this place, players will battle each other in the arena of full heat and passion at Plaza de Toros. Game 4 will be in the historic place in Tintagel, United Kingdom where the ruins of the castle of Tintagel, the location of King Arthur's Camelot will be found. Game 5 will be in Iguazu Falls, Argentina - players will be surrounded by crashing waterfalls and lush vegetation. Game 6 will be in Pinnacle Desert, Australia where players will adore the beauty of golden yellows, deep hues, falling shadows as the blood red sun disappears. The final game will be in South Africa. Don't miss the final event as tension and anticipation builds up at 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa.

Twilight Football will be hosted by Sony in celebration of its low light photography technology. Check the specially designed kits and footballs for the event. Learn more about the Twilight Football at



shydub said...

Another football to lookforward to huh. dalia ra nka post oi. ako rest sko kadali ky busy buhay anayan

Dhemz said...

nasakpan ra jud nimo mami...hehehe!

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