Saturday, September 19, 2009

Small Talk Six (Sept 19, 2009)

'Tis the Season!

6 things you love or hate about autumn....

1. I love the cool weather
2. I love the color of the trees (its leaves)
3. I love shopping for Andrea's Halloween outfit
4. I am looking forward to Trick and Treat...
5. Thanksgiving is around the corner so that means Christmas is near too!
6. Andrea's Birthday!

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Lucy said...

I do miss the color of the tress from back east. I love the holidays too. Heres mine


Us said...

Sus daghan ubay ubay bohol sd inyo gipaabot this season mami lulu. hapit na birthday andrea, sus how time flies.

Heather said...

Can't argue with anything! I love fall too!

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