Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Life of a Busy Laptop

I am Lulu's laptop and I consider myself one of the busiest laptop in the modern world. I served my owner to the best of my capability. I provide her with wireless connection which helps her at times that she is in a place where there is a free WI-FI connection.

My life as a laptop is full of adventures. Like my owner, I have been to many places. I am always at her side even during vacation. Even during vacation, I am expected to provide good service because my owner always uses me at night and do her usual online things like blogging, blog hopping, emails and even read online news. I am getting old because I have been serving her for the last 3 years. I truly need a break from long hours of working. I have worked hard all these years. She uses me for chatting, web surfing, blogging, watching videos, reading news, online games and a lot more that I even lost count of it.

Anyway, I am getting excited because Lulu's husband is thinking of buying her a new HP G60t series computer. He will try to buy it in the next few days because he wants to use the coupon code SV2132 where he can get $30 off on order greater than $150 at HP Home Store. This offer is valid through October 31 or while supplies last and there will be restrictions and exclusions. I know that Lulu's husband is sure to buy a new HP computer because he said that it will be his advance wedding anniversary gift for her.


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