Monday, August 10, 2009

Red Snapper

I love fish and I can eat fish everyday. One of my favorites is the red snapper. I can eat red snapper whatever way it is cooked: grilled, fried, soup, "paksiw", baked... or whatever....

Red Snapper is one of the most popular of all white fish. It is low in saturated fat and sodium and is a very good source of protein. Red Snapper can reach weights of up to 35 pounds, but most fish sold are well under that size. Red Snapper has a great, firm texture and a sweet, nutty flavor that lends itself very well to everything from hot chilies to subtle herbs. And, of course, Red Snapper is excellent for grilling.

TIP: When buying whole Red Snapper look for clear, red eyes, bright red skin that fades towards the belly. If you are looking for fillets try to buy it with the skin on.


Cacai M. said...

oi, this is a good info Momi. I thought the eyes should be white clear--so now I know that it should be clearly red. And the skin too and the fillets as well.

Og oizzt grabe diay ka og memory momi oi ky kadumdom pa mn ka sa mga ing-ani.. ako limtan na uban.. heheh og about cooking, dli mn gud ko ga-cook saona gud(i-assign lang ko para pahinlo lang basta dli ko sa luto)--i hate it jud(before). It's just now that I love it nah and it's fun!

kittykat said...

sis naa ko question bha..unsa sa bisaya ang red snapper??magnita ko unya sa palengke..hehehe..

naa diay ko award for you..grab it if you have time ok..

Dhemz said...

my gosh, kamahal sa isda dire sa america....hahahhaha.....korek pilia jud ang siga ug linaw nga mata...kay ug half na gani ang kasiga...d na sya lab-as...nyahahhahaha...joke! sakit akong tiyan katawa.....:)

Arlyna said...

Lu, something we have in common - i love fish too. I never bought red snapper but I'm big on salmon and halibut. What the best way to cook red snapper?

vhingF said... man gid oii....ala nyan d2 ala me nakikita , ung maliliit lng ...grabe fry toasted naku ala matira sa akin yan kahit tinik , ubos!! hahahaha.

Debbie Racho said...

i love fish too!!! how did you cook this? prito lang? or steam?

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