Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Favorite NFL Players

I admit that I am a big follower of football. Although football is not a famous sports in the Philippines where I came from, I became a football fanatic because my husband loves it. During my first year here, he diligently explained to me the rules, the plays and everything that has to do with football. Surprisingly, after watching few games, I was able to catch up and from then on I became a football fan.

These are my 3 favorite football players:
  1. Hines Ward. He plays as Pittsburgh Steelers Wide Receiver. He is one of the toughest wide receiver to play in NFL. He has been a NFL player since 1998. An interesting fact about him: he is half Asian. He was born in Seoul, South Korea.
  2. Kevin Faulk. He plays as Running Back for New England Patriots. He is a product of LSU (our favorite College Football team). He has been with the Patriots since 1999-2000 season. He may not have a very good stats but when he is in the field, he provides quality plays - he is a 3rd down guy... he always makes a good play in situations like this.
  3. Glenn Dorsey. A Defensive Tackle playing for Kansas City Chiefs. Another product of LSU. He played with LSU when they won a BCS Championship. He was a 1st round (5th pick) during 2008 draft. During his rookie year, he registered 46 tackles. I am looking forward to his performance this year.
Anyway, who are your favorite NFL players? Do you want to know and be updated with player reports? Sign up for a Free Stimulus Package at WaiverWire and be sure to visit to view specific player reports.



shydub said...

Ubay ubay mn sd d i ka ug nadakpan nga grasya lulu, sus dili na jud mapugngan ang pagdatu ani.

Dhemz said...

mamindot pod ko dire...I have trouble leaving a message on the shoutbox....:)

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