Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Let's Talk Pro Football

Few more weeks and football season will start. We are big fans of football. During football season, our weekends are mostly dedicated to watching the games on TV. We are for Steelers! We like Steelers and its winning tradition. Their defense is really awesome. We were so happy last year when the Steelers won the Super Bowl. We hope that this year, they will also perform well.

Although we are Steelers fan, I think that Matt Ryan will be the one who will perform extraordinarily this year. Matt Ryan had a good rookie year. He did well for a rookie quarterback so I believe that he can surpass his performances last year because this year he already have an experience being a pro player. Another factor that will help Matt Ryan performed extraordinarily is their running back Michael Turner. Having Michael Turner as a running back will ease the pressure on Matt Ryan.

I like football so much that I even joined Football Fantasy. Football Fantasy is a lot of fun. I keep myself updated with players statistics by browsing pre-populated player comparison pages provided by WaiverWire. I also signed up with their Stimulus Package. This package will give me Free fantasy research tools, free real time fantasy player news, and free access to fantasy experts in their Fantasy Forum. If you want to know more about your favorite player and his stats and news, check them out at WaiverWire.com!



kittykat said...

football is one sport I can't really dig sis..I don't watch it during the regular season..but i think its the number sport there in the US..

Cacai M. said...

Mareng, congrats of the best post to date in SS! Whew! You deserve it! hugs! bh dayon nko gkan party hah.. heheh.. I know morag busy ka krn og ready sa imong gi-ingn nga party after we talk at ym about the good news. Congrats! muahhhugs!

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