Sunday, July 12, 2009


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Yes, it is true most vegetables taste best when they come straight from the garden, whether it’s carrots, green beans or new potatoes.

Pea shelling is not my favorite thing to do as it stained my nails. Thankfully, Mom Lori always do it for me. Today, we had fresh shelled peas for dinner. Peas, picked young, shelled immediately and simmered briefly in a tiny amount of water — well, those peas are simply amazing!

Anyway, I had fun today picking up veggies at Mom's garden. I have picked up enough veggies to last us a week. I have purple and green beans, okra, eggplant and lots of tomatoes. I picked up green tomatoes too for our favorite fried green tomatoes. (Mom has already shelled peas for me which will be good for two dinners for us.)

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Genejosh said...

i agree with tastes best when it's from our garden..sarap nman...

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