Friday, September 19, 2008

Salad Sweet Potato Leaves

I have been thinking of eating one of my favorites "atsal talbos ng kamote" salad sweet potato leaves. When I called Mom in Phils, I told her that when I come home I wanna eat a lot of sweet potato leaves. I just love eating those, besides it is a good for me, we all believed that sweet potato leaves is a good blood neutralizer.

Anyway, when we went to Atlanta, I was so happy to find the sweet potato leaves. I could not wait to come home and make me a salad. I was planning on making the salad with coconut milk, but to my dismay when i checked I don't have coconut milk already, but that does not affect my appettite for the dish so i just made a salad without coconut milk.

Here's what I did.

Remove the leaves from the stalk
Bring water to a rolling boil
Put the leaves, and flip it after the first boil. Take it out and drain. Mix it with the vinegar and spices mixture

--- Vinegar and spices mixture---

tomato (cut in small pieces)
onion (cut in small pieces)
ginger (cut in small pieces)
Salt to taste
dash of black pepper

Viola! here's it is....

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Anonymous said...

di ko am ani si bot na!

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